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Car Maintenance Tips from Wiesner Huntsville

Knowing how to take care of your car has many, many benefits outside of just getting more out of it. The small things, like oil changes and tire rotations, can save you money at the pump, increase the lifespan of your car, and offer a smoother ride. Here are just a few things you can do that will make an enormous difference over the lifespan of your car. Even better, you can do them yourself if you wish.

Change the Oil

Oil plays three major roles within the engine. First, it lubricates all the moving parts to keep everything running smoothly. Second, it carries away some of the heat within the engine block. Third, it prevents carbon and varnishes from building up in the engine.

Don’t be fooled by quick change oil outlets! They generally advertise that your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles, but this hasn’t been even slightly true in the past decade.

Most cars need an oil change every 7,500 miles or every six months. Some vehicles require an oil change every 5,000 miles, while others can last up to 10,000 miles. To see how often your vehicle needs an oil change, refer to your owner’s manual.

In any case, oil changes are relatively cheap in comparison to the problems they prevent. Changing the oil on time can bring better fuel economy as well, leading to fewer stops at the gas station.

Rotate the Tires

Rotating your tires keeps tread wear even across the board, resulting in an overall smoother ride. Generally, a tire rotation and balancing should be performed at each oil change (7,500 miles or six months) for best results. Most dealerships will perform the service without being asked as well.

Tire rotations are necessary due to each tire’s function. The front tires carry more weight than the back tires. They also lead the car around corners while the back tires simply follow. This results in the front tires wearing faster.

A simple rotation can offer better fuel economy, a smooth ride, and a longer period of time between new tire sets.


Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Spring is the most important time of the year to perform an array of maintenance tasks on your vehicle. It has just experienced a harsh winter, and it needs help to both get it back in shape and get it ready for summer, so follow these easy spring maintenance tips.
  • First, recover your car from winter. Give it a thorough cleaning, inside and out, and take special care to clean the undercarriage, which takes the biggest hit and collects the most salt and chemical agents that can lead to rust.
  • Check your owner’s manual to see if it’s time for any scheduled maintenance and take your car in if so. You should also take a look at your fluids, and if they’re low or your engine oil looks dirty, top off the fluids and have an oil change done (or do it yourself if you know how).
  • Have your tire alignment checked as well as the suspension, and ask them to rotate your tires. If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle or notice other out of the ordinary behavior like loud noises or spongey brakes, mention this to your technician.
  • At home, you can do simple things like checking the air pressure and tire tread and adding air to tires if necessary. If your notice your tire tread is very worn or you have a leak from a hole in the tire, it may be time to replace at least one of your tires.

There are two big things you need to check to get ready for summer: air conditioning and windshield wipers. Wiper blades get a lot of use in the winter, and you’ll definitely want them in good condition the rainy spring and summer months, so consider replacing them. If your air conditioning has stopped working, have it inspected!
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