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Tire Maintenance Tips

Far too often, drivers overlook the importance of their tires, put off getting them rotated, let the pressure falter, or disregard the tread - don’t be one of them. Good tire health isn’t just essential to your handling, it’s necessary for the safety of you and your passengers.

Try to keep in mind these few tire maintenance tips as you service your car in the future:

Rotate your tires.
Tires in the front bear a different load than the tires in the rear of your vehicle. This means that the wear on your tires will become uneven after a time. Rotating your tires will even this out and drastically increase the longevity and overall performance of you tires.

Make sure your tires are properly balanced.
As with properly rotated tires, properly balanced tires will reduce uneven wear and increase your tire-life. Balancing tires means attaching small weights to each wheel to minimize vibrations in the tire and wheel as you turn. When you start to feel vibrations when turning, it’s probably time to balance out your tires.

Check your wheel alignment.
All vehicles come with wheel alignment specifications as instructed by the maker. When you have new tires installed, you should always check the alignment. Improper alignment leads to poor handling, uneven wear, and decreased fuel efficiency.

How do I know it’s time to replace my tires?
Good tires must have good tread. Deep tread is responsible for good traction, or grip, on the road and for shedding water from wet roads. You should check your tires’ tread monthly. Checking tread is simple: just pick up a tread depth gauge from any parts shop and measure based on the specifications in your vehicle’s manual.

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